Lab Packing and Lap Pack Disposal

Contact Rader Environmental today if you have spent or obsolete laboratory chemicals to recycle and/or dispose.  Rader performs complete lab packing services in the most economical and responsible manner.   Whenever possible, Rader will neutralize hazardous chemicals to render them non-hazardous. This reduces not only disposal costs but also reduces a client’s long-term off-site liability.  In some cases our lab pack teams can find other users for obsolete or unwanted chemicals, again reducing liability for hazardous waste and resulting in a notable monetary savings.  Handling everything from paperwork to actual transportation arrangements, Rader offers a turnkey lab pack service that is in full compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

Complete Range of Chemicals Handled and Disposed
Rader’s lab pack services are comprehensive and client-focused.  For over 28 years we have successfully completed lab pack projects for our clients.  Each Rader lab packing team also includes an on-site chemist.  Call or click to learn more about Rader’s lab packing services and the wide range of chemicals that we handle. 

Chemical Relocation
Our lab pack team can relocate your chemicals.  Rader is experienced in proper DOT packaging and shipping of hazardous materials for transfer from one location to another.  Contact us today and we will tailor a solution meeting your unique disposal or chemical relocation requirements.