Mercury Spill Cleanup and Remediation

Contact Rader Environmental today for mercury cleanup and remediation services.  Rader Environmental Services, Inc. is a leader in mercury spill assessment and remediation.  Rader utilizes aggressive mercury remediation techniques to eliminate the source of mercury vapors.  Aggressive air sampling provides a life-like validation of the remediated area.  With an experienced staff for dealing with mercury spill assessments and mercury spill cleanups, we are able to remove mercury and not prolong the threat by just masking mercury vapors.

Due to the toxicity of mercury, it is imperative that proper mercury cleanup procedures be conducted in response to a spill or release.  Rader provides timely response to mercury clean up with experienced staff.  A Lumex Mercury Vapor Analyzer, operated by Rader personnel is used to determine the parameters of a mercury spill.   Once the spill area has been delineated, and based upon the surface on which the mercury was released, a specialized mercury remediation plan is implemented.  The plan may include methods such as a mercury recovery vacuum system to collect mercury and contaminated debris.  Rader has tested numerous methods of mercury abatement on many different types of media in a controlled environment.  From the research performed, Rader’s chemists have developed many types of chemical solutions to aid in the remediation of mercury spills, as well as polymers to simplify clean ups.

Once the mercury contamination is removed, the concentration of mercury vapors is monitored with a Lumex Mercury Vapor Analyzer.  The Lumex readings are acceptable real time determinations of mercury vapor levels.  To determine if mercury vapor levels are compliant based upon OSHA and ASTDR standards, as well as local Health Department recommendations, Rader has developed an aggressive sampling method rather than using mainstream passive methods to ensure the remediated environment is safe for re occupancy.

Rader Environmental continues to use field experience and laboratory testing to maintain an expertise in mercury spill assessment and abatement techniques.  Our extensive technical capabilities and customer-oriented work ethic assures our clients receive the highest quality service in the marketplace today.