Minimizing Mercury Hazards in your Work Environment

Spring Cleaning applies to your educational or industrial laboratory too.  Maximize the benefit of your cleaning efforts by removing the source of potential spills of hazardous materials (such as mercury-containing devices or mercury reagents).  By doing so, you go a long way toward a cleaner work environment.  Spring is a great time to do it!  Traditionally, spring/summer marks the end of the school season and allows for cleaning and maintenance work while classes are not in session.  Likewise, in many industries spring to mid-summer is a time for re-tooling and maintenance breaks.   Perhaps you have some obsolete mercury compounds on a shelf in your storage area.  Remove them now and they won’t have a chance to cause a problem later.  Rader Environmental Services, Inc. can assist you in the proper handling, packaging, recycling or lab pack disposal of mercury materials or other obsolete chemicals.  We also own specialized mercury testing instruments and cleanup equipment to help you address any spills.  Contact us today for assistance!

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